Snorry planar headphones
Planar Headphones

The optimal choice for listening to music

Quality sound

Crystal, deep sound. Wide stage. Precise detail reproduction

New impressions

From video and music to high-resolution isodynamic headphones

Effective materials

Wood, leather, stainless steel. Fully modular unique design

Choice of materials and colors

Mahogany, oak, walnut, ash, gunmetal composite. Choice of cup colors

Planar emitters

Patented planar transducers (membranes) and in-house developed magnetic system


Impedance: 40 Om;
Sense: 100 dB/1mW;
Weight: от 420гр.
Connectors: miniXLR;
F/R: 5-35000 Hz;

Why Snorry headphones

Fair price

including only the cost of materials and production costs, without marketing margins and overpayments

Planar technology

gives high-quality sound on a stationary track, DAC, and even a portable device

Warranty 12-36 months

from the manufacturer on the headphones and cable. Service and upgrade indefinitely

Models and prices

Choose your sound

You can choose from open/closed design, cup material and color, headband design and material

Video, opinions


The Models section contains detailed descriptions of all Snorry headphone models.

You can go to it from the menu or via a link: Headphone models

Planar headphones have an almost even line of frequency response across the entire range. This allows the sound to be transmitted as naturally as possible without distortion or distortion.

In a direct comparison, you will experience a completely different level of sound, which is typical only for the flagship models of planar headphones of famous manufacturers.

  • Clean, real sound with no embellishments
  • Surrounding sound
  • The widest stage
  • Deep, full-bodied bass
  • Pressure and speed of attack

The Snorry Isodynamic planar headphones are manufactured exclusively by hand only to order according to your wishes.

The cost of the final product does not include the cost of mass production, personnel, marketing, advertising, markup of retail chains and intermediaries.

All parts and components of the headphones, as well as the cable and its connectors, are covered by a one-year UNCONDITIONAL warranty directly from the manufacturer and author of the headphones.

In addition, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the headphones, you can return them and get your money back.

Accessories and services


Review of the Snorry headphones


Testimonial from the owner of the Snorry headphones


The headphones have amazing detail, at any volume, even at minimum, you can hear absolutely all the instruments...

Original review at the link:

Review of the Snorry headphones

Andrew (sajum)

Feedback on the comfort design of the Snorry headphones

Andrew (sajum)

Lightweight, large range of height adjustments, your ears don't hurt anything inside, nothing presses anywhere. You can listen for hours...

Original review at the link:

Review of the Snorry headphones

Ruslan (Sircolt)

Review of Snorry Carbon Headphones

Ruslan (Sircolt)

I can safely say that this is the level of the top brand headphones, I listened to Odin, he1000 something else expensive. Snorri carbon is not inferior, and in some places even superior...

Original review at the link:

Review of the Snorry headphones

Olga (semislonov)

Review of the Snorry closed headphones

Olga (semislonov)

As a user, I can say the headphones are great, they play clearly and distinctly, working off every ruble invested...

Original review at the link:

Review of the Snorry headphones


Feedback on the weight and ergonomics of Snorr headphonesy


I have the open, the weight is about 470 grams, they do not feel heavy, very sensible weight distribution. The headband is the softest, no pressure on top, 6 hours easy. The pressure is optimal...

Original review at the link:

Review of the Snorry headphones

Alexei, Obninsk

Sound feedback from a carbon model owner

Alexei, Obninsk

Правдивость звучания позволила растворился в музыке и слышать только инструменты и голоса, обращая внимание лишь на то, насколько же натруально все это звучит.

Original review at the link:

Detailed description of models with photos


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