Snorry Trion planar headphones

TRION headphones

Snorry’s Trion planar headphones. The flagship model. The design feature is the maximum degree of membrane vibration control.

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Si-6 planar headphones

Si-6 headphones

Timbre-accurate, neutral sound, high resolution in all frequency ranges

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Si-5 planar headphones

Si-5 headphones

Significantly reduced weight and size, increased sensitivity to the capabilities of portable devices

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Snorry SI-3 mk2

Closed planar headphones

Closed planar headphones made of weaponized composite.

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Snorry NM-1 headphones

Snorry headphones NM-1

These headphones are the result of years of research in acoustics, accuracy and fidelity of the musical signal.

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Snorry SI-2 mk2

Carbon open planar headphones

These are the lightest planar headphones from Snorry. The open area of the membrane is about 90%.

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Snorry SI-1 mk2

Open planar headphones

Open planar headphones. Classic open earphones made of precious wood. Impedance: 40 ohms.

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