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Planar headphones or new is well forgotten old

Isodynamic (planar) headphones are designed to transmit the perfect authenticity of a music composition. Wearing these headphones, you can hear the most subtle chords, the mood of the musician, his slightest movements, breathing, echoes of auxiliary instruments. The sound of planar headphones is of such high quality that it will not leave anyone indifferent, especially those who are interested not only in music and lyrics, but also in the subtlest echoes of it, to feel and live the audible work.

An important basis of the transmitter is the rectangular membrane, which consists of a lavsan film with an aluminum layer, looks like a set of rectangular lines. the membrane is placed between two rows of magnets with a powerful magnetic field (double-sided or single-sided magnetic system). Conducting a pulse causes it to work and this vibration is picked up by the human ear.

Изодинамические наушники из оружейного композита

A little history of planar headphones

For those who appreciate very rich sounds, this type of headphones will definitely find a place in their collection and will definitely be the first choice among others, since the device itself is designed in such a way that it does not distort low frequencies, which often happens, for example, with electrodynamic headphones.

It is curious that a large number of selling firms highlight these drivers as an innovation in the modern world, although they have been used for quite a long time, but are still unknown in wide circles. For example, in the Soviet Union they are remembered under the brand TDS5 and TDS7, they are probably the most famous headphones of the last century, everybody wanted to buy them, they were mass-produced in 80-90s, but not everyone had an opportunity to buy and try them because of the raging crisis.

At that time their characteristics were close to perfect, the advantages largely prevailed. Yes, maybe the shape was a bit ridiculous, like modern studio headphones, well, the weight was not small, about 400g. But, in general, the music lovers were not after the beauty of form, but the quality of playing and sounding.

Now some lovers of good acoustics keep them in their collection. Some even consider buying Soviet vintage equipment from thrift stores or music collectors as a matter of principle. Enough time has passed and the headphones have been reconstructed and improved many times, so at this stage they have absorbed the best characteristics, combining perfect ergonomics, materials and consumables.


Why planar headphones? Advantages

Planar headphones offer natural, energetic sound at its best, lightweight construction and comfort. The construction of many headphones for the most part cannot transmit sounds or pulses with the best of sound, and intermittent or spiking frequency amplitude and in the manufacture of most headphones uses adhesive material, which can then decay or even worse, crumble, resulting in distorted sound. The Snorry headphones are assembled using a magnetic-planar quasar (radiator), so the sound in them will please any audiophile. When listening to music records in the headphones, the user feels as if he is transported into a studio or concert hall, so real sense of presence of the performer.

When you start using headphones, the first thing you notice and what “catches your ear” is a deep and punchy bass, which sounds very unexpected from such small “informers”. The signal is so impulsive and lightning-fast, which gives an undeniable advantage over other speakers made in the traditional style. Bass frequencies are well defined, making the sound full, complete and rich. The entire sound can be felt not only with your ears, in particular your eardrums, but you can physically experience and live each song.

This device is not yet known to many people, largely because of its price, which is far from budget, but if you are a true connoisseur of music, the phrase “we are not so rich as to buy cheap things” is for you. As the product itself is durable if used properly, easy to transport, wear and use. Another plus point is that it has a smooth driver and voice coil, thanks to which the entire surface is controlled and it acquires an electrostatic-like transmission quality. Since the membrane itself is very sensitive to any vibrations, it was originally made rigid, and this rigidity just gives the breadth of sound ranges with great accuracy of high and low amplitudes.

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How to choose planar headphones

Planar headphones are a highly individual item. It does not fit everyone and everything. Only true connoisseurs of real, live, high quality music choose such things.

I know for sure that a lot of people once they got hooked on planar headphones and tried other kinds, but still want to come back to them. It is good that the range is growing and expanding, which allows you to choose a model to your liking. And the “people’s” isodynamic models of headphones from the master Snorry make these planar headphones one of the most affordable on the market.


The main characteristics of Snorry headphones

So, if the choice fell on this type of technology, you can buy isodynamic headphones on our website. It is important to note that some models have a small sensitivity, which suggests the purchase of headphone amplifiers. The next point is to check by ear, because the sound in different models may vary slightly, but different.

Pads (ear cushions), which can be changed and matched to the type of material. The headband material can also be selected as desired, but at first the pressure will seem unnecessary to people with a large head, but over time the pressure will decrease, adjust to your head volume. Cables have a fairly long range – 1.5 m, the connector is standard for Snorry headphones (4pin Mini-XLR, pinout, similar to the headphones Audeze), the material – oxygen-free copper, fabric braided.

There are also a few characteristics, but they are more specialized: the acoustic design, type of drivers, frequency range, sensitivity, weight, cable, connector, price. Our personal manager will help you with these questions. You can buy planar headphones leaving the order on our site.

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We wish you a pleasant experience in the world of music!

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