Carbon open planar headphones

Planar open carbon Snorry headphones.

Snorry SI-2 mk2

Their main feature is the transducers on magnetic systems with elliptical section magnets and a radiation area openness of about 90%.
They are the lightest planar headphones from Snorry. Weighing 420 grams, we used 100% pure carbon for the ear cups and headband.

Model Name: SI-2 carbon.

Model Features:

  • Open acoustic design;
  • Impedance 40 ohms;
  • Sensitivity about 100-103 dB/1mW;
  • Weight without cable 420 grams;
  • Connectors miniXLR 4pin;
  • Material ear cushions and headband material – leather;
  • The material of the cups is carbon.

Transmitter design:

  • Currently similar to the SI-1 model.

The most common question about these two models is: “Are they the same in sound, and if so, in what way.
Answer: There are differences, and they stem from the following:

  • Carbon ones are lighter, but this headband design has a stronger hold on the head. This gives different fit angles and distance relative to the auricle. This can change the tonal balance and nuance depending on the size and shape of your head.
  • Different grille is used. Carbon ones have a larger grille area, but the acoustic transparency is lower. The wooden ones have a smaller grille area, but higher transparency. Because of this, the distribution of the unevenness of the HF frequency response is slightly different.

Subjectively, the sound of the carbon ones is usually rated as more bright and “commercial”, the wooden ones as more comfortable and softened, timbral, less colorful.

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