Open planar headphones

Snorry’s planar, classic open-ended, precious wood headphones.

Snorry SI-1 mk2

Model Name: SI-1.

Model Features:

  • Impedance: 40 ohms;
  • Sensitivity Approx: 100-103 dB/1mW;
  • Weight without cable: 470 grams (with mahogany cups);
  • Connectors: miniXLR 4pin;

Magnetic system design:

  • Magnetic system is bilateral, symmetrical, there are 6 magnets in each row;
  • Cross-section of magnets ellipse; magnetic field in the area of tracks is more uniform than in magnets with rectangular, square, cylindrical cross-section;
  • Geometric openness of the radiation area is about 90%;

Membrane design:

  • Foil-coated lavsan with an initial thickness of 8-10 µm;
  • Uniform distribution of the material over the entire working area;
  • Corrugation in the form of stiffening ribs across the tracks;

Available options:

  • Different cup materials, precious woods: rosewood, teak, mahogany, zebrano, oak, beech, American walnut, wenge and colored composite;
  • Various cable lengths, 3.5mm or 6.3mm plugs;
  • Height adjustment knot with screws or “clicks”;
  • Consideration of non-standard anatomical features in the manufacture (size and shape of the head, ears).

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