Headphone cable

Snorry SC-2 headphone cable

A high quality Snorry Hi-End master cable. Model SC-2.

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The diaphragm radiator of Snorry planar headphones

On the film thickness of planar membranes

In discussions of different designs of planar and electrostatic headphones…

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Planar headphones inexpensive

Budget open planar headphones

The budget version of the Snorry open planar headphones…

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About complaints about Snorry headphones

About complaints about Snorry headphones

Informative article about Snorry headphone complaints. Warranty and service in detail. Answers to questions.

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Snorry SI-3 mk2

Planar headphones

Isodynamic (planar) headphones are designed to convey the perfect authenticity of a music composition…

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Magnetic field of planar emitters image

On magnetic systems of planar transducer

I’ll try to write briefly and clearly about what I’ve been working on for the past few years in the designs of my …

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Precious woods for headphones

Wood types for headphones

Here is a list of available woods for making Snorry palnar headphones.

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Weapons composition orange and green

Weapon composite for headphones

Here is a list of available colors of weapon composite (laminate) for Snorry isodynamic headphones.

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Patent for the meanderless transmitter

Patent for the meanderless transducer

Хорошая новость!
Получен патент на безмеандровый излучатель в бумажном виде …

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