Snorry headphones NM-1

Наушники Snorry NM-1

Key Features:

Type of transducer: meanderless (non meander), planar (patent RU2717699)
Magnetic system: double-sided, high-power neodymium magnets
Acoustic enclosure: open
Impedance: 40 Ohm
Sensitivity: 95 dB
Frequency range: 5-35000 Hz
Weight: 500 grams
Complete set: headphones, high-quality cable length of 2 meters, carrying and storage case
Recommended amplifier power: from 2 watts per channel at 40 ohms load

About headphones


These headphones are the result of years of research in acoustics, accuracy and fidelity of the musical signal.

Their design is based on a meanderless isodynamic transducer, which significantly reduces losses and distortions from mutual crosstalk in closely spaced conductors with opposite current direction (which is typical for all traditional isodynamic and orthodynamic headphones).

This solution allows you to achieve a higher level of resolution and a more accurate transfer of the musical signal.

FIPS patent reference

Other technical solutions that have been applied in the design:

  • The membranes are corrugated in a special shape to reduce distortion;
  • The transducer housing is made of special materials with selected mechanical and acoustic properties that are highly resistant to both acoustic resonances and their absorption;
  • Fabric, acoustically transparent non-resonant grill fabric instead of metal or plastic grill;
  • High performance professional grade switching on miniXLR 4pin and high quality OFC copper cable.


The headphone body parts are made of carbon (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), which has properties of high strength and lightness. The style of the headphones we developed can be described as “carbon-techno-punk” (similar to “steampunk”), combining high functionality and usability, excellent ergonomics and an unusual eye-catching, futuristic and stylish appearance.

The ear cushions and head cover are made of the highest quality genuine leather.

Terms of warranty and post-warranty service:

  • The Snorry NM-1 headphones are covered by an unconditional 3-year warranty from the date of manufacture. When purchased from us or our representatives;
  • For headphones purchased on the second-hand market, the unconditional warranty is 1 year from the date of manufacture;
  • The warranty covers any detected defects in the main structural elements of the headphones, both those that occurred during manufacturing and those that appeared during use;
  • The main structural elements of headphones include the parts of the transducer, cup and headband housings, plugs, connectors, cable.

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Headphones with traces of tampering with the design not intended by the manufacturer;
  2. Leather parts that come in direct contact with the wearer’s skin and hair are the ear pads and head pads. They are essentially articles of personal hygiene and consumables that are recommended to be replaced once a year or more frequently, depending on condition, for hygienic reasons;
  3. Decorative elements. These include fabric protective grills, fabric cable braids. These elements must be treated with care, since they can get dirty, cut, punctured with sharp objects, etc. These situations are not covered by the warranty, but replacement or repair at the customer’s expense is possible;
  4. Damage to the case or other packaging during transport. Their main purpose is to guarantee the safety of the headphones during transportation. If the packaging is damaged in any way, but the headphones are intact, this is not a warranty case;
  5. The warranty covers shipping damage received only on the first shipment to the purchaser. Damage sustained on any reshipment will be repaired at the buyer’s expense.

We are constantly working to improve our products, so it is possible to make additional improvements to the design. In the event of improved versions of the headphones, designated as mk1, mk2, etc., the headphones can be upgraded to the current version by agreement with the owner under the following conditions:

  1. Within 1 year after manufacture of the headphones – at the expense of the manufacturer;
  2. After 1 year from the date of manufacture – at the owner’s expense.

Post-warranty service includes:

  1. The possibility of a single purchase of any of our products with a 10% discount;
  2. Lifetime technical support. All of our headphones are 100% repairable. In the event of breakdowns and malfunctions that occur after the warranty period has expired, the headphones can be repaired with reimbursement of the cost of work and parts. The composition of the repair work, its cost, and the procedure for carrying out the repair work shall be specified after diagnosis and agreed upon with the owner of the headphones;
  3. To obtain warranty or service, send the headphones to the manufacturer and give a description of the problem. Shipping both ways is at the buyer’s expense.

Please notice:

When selling abroad, the same terms apply as in Russia:

  • shipping is paid by the buyer;
  • In the case of return of goods – the delivery and the commission of payment systems is paid by the buyer;
  • In case of warranty repair, if there is a defect through our fault, and delivery is made by regular mail, the manufacturer pays for the delivery;
  • delivery for after-guarantee repair is paid by the customer;
  • shipping charges and commissions of payment systems are not included in the price of the headphones and shall be paid separately;
  • our warranties also cover the one-time risk of loss/damage in transit to you. In this case new headphones can be sent at our expense without any legal proceedings with delivery services on the part of the buyer.

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